Our Team

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  • Chris Mendicina
    General Manager
    (203) 661-1800

  • Jordan Rabadi
    General Sales Manager

  • Mike Morano
    Pre-Owned Manager

  • Ken Stong
    Sales Manager

  • Jessica Boiano
    Business Manager

  • Haris Deljanin
    Business Manager

  • Mohamed Latif
    Business Manager

  • Michel Meunier
    VIP Concierge
    (203) 302-1402

  • Tony Burroughs
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1427

  • Adrian Caracundo
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Ian Chang
    Audi Brand Specialist

    This testimonial is from one of Ian's customers and we hear comments like this time and time again.: Ian Chang. Since day 1 in 2014, Ian has had the same top priorities: make the customer happy and earn their trust. He always succeeds with his low pressure, cordial, thoughtful approach. He listens and is a true advocate for his clients with management at Audi. He works tirelessly (all hours of the day) to get his clients the car they want at the right price. His genuine smile, appreciation and enthusiasm are infectious. The extra steps he takes from finding the accessories you need to making sure you are in the right hands with service seal the deal for us and keep us coming back. Ian, thank you! Pete and Mia

  • Thomas Cuomo
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Tom is a Former Chef/Restaurant Owner and is proud of his 15 years of hospitality experience.  A resident of Ridgefield, CT  Tom lives with his wife, two daughters & dog, Satchmo.  Tom earned a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from RPI and is an avid crossfitter & skier. Tom is a first generation Italian-American and his success is do in large part to his passion for helping others. His first Audi was a 2005.5 S4 4.2L.  Come experience  Tom's enthusiasm and hospitality.


  • Anthony Demarco
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1552

  • Michael Kelley
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1404


    Michael has been employed at Audi Greenwich for 15 years and has enjoyed the tremendous growth in the Audi brand he has seen during his time here.  His customers appreciate his vast knowledge of all things Audi and his very pleasant demeanor.
    Michael resides right here in Greenwich and enjoys playing golf in his off time.  We're glad to have him.

  • Nikki M. Marconi
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Nikki is fairly new to the car business.  Having started at Honda as a delivery coordinator, she has recently accepted a sales position here at New Country Audi and with her winning personality and passion for customer care, we're lucky to have her.

    Prior to car sales, Nikki spent the past 15 years in the disposable medical supply distribution industry which serviced hospice, home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and more. 

    Nikki obtained her college degree from Champlain College in Burlington, VT.

    Her passion for cars began with her father who is also in the car business. She attributes most of what she knows to her amazing dad. Her favorite Audi is the SQ5.

    Nikki's other passion is music. She plays the guitar, piano, and several other instruments.  

    In her free time she enjoys writing/recording/playing music, time on the golf course, and spending time with friends & family.

    Nikki currently resides in Rye, NY but will soon become a Connecticut resident.  

  • Gabrielle Parenti
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1426

    Gabrielle has been in the automotive industry for 7 years and has been with Audi for over half of her career. She has a passion for our brand's racing heritage and is our Audi Sport Ambassador. She has driven our well-crafted vehicles at their home on the Autobahn and the turns of the Circuit Of The America's race track. She speaks Portuguese and English. The only thing she loves more than an R8 is exploring new restaurants and traveling abroad with her family.

  • Caswall Price
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1419

  • Johnny Rosalino
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Noel Samuels
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • James Skinner
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 302-1324

  • Nicholas Dieguez
    Delivery Specialist

  • Bob Torres
    Service Manager

  • Ernie Dubriske
    Service Advisor
    (203) 302-1527

  • Peter Falvey
    Service Advisor

  • Ken Watanabe
    Service Advisor

  • Richard Deevy
    Parts Manager
    (203) 302-1370

  • Michael Dawkins
    Shop Foreman
    (203) 302-1174

  • Tony Deda
    Parts Specialist

  • Alvaro Lujan
    Parts Specialist

  • Mel Rivera
    Parts Specialist
    (203) 302-1350

  • Abdel Hattab